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Rubber Recycling Facility

A rubber tire recycling facility suffered heavy damage by fire. We teamed up with an electrical contractor to get them back into production as quickly as possible, then properly rebuild the facility. The client took the opportunity to perform some process upgrades at the same time giving him the best use of his insurance replacement funds. New 480 volt, 3000 amp main service was installed, along with 10 sections of motor control center for the smaller motors. 1 new 450 hp, 2 new 400 hp, and 1 new 200 hp soft-start controllers were installed for the various grinder motors. We provided all of the electrical engineering to get the facility running at limited capacity and then complete the rebuild. Obviously, the primary concern was to get back into full production as quickly as possible, and minimize lead times on long-lead equipment by specifying the most available and suitable equipment.

Graphic of Rubber Recycling Project

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